Yes, you can. WildTalk is a 24/7 hotline. If you need to speak to someone immediately we can make that happen. You just need to tell us this when you call.

If it’s not urgent, please let us know and we’ll have someone contact you within a business day to make an appointment.

Each individual will be able to access up to 6 free sessions per annum. However, you must be working with Australian wildlife.

Also, because we understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship we won’t cut you off after six sessions, you can continue seeing your therapist, we just ask that you make a financial contribution (within your budget) towards the sessions.

No, you can talk about anything that’s been brought up by your work with wildlife. We’re aware that the animals are sometimes the least of the problem.

WildTalk is funded by private and corporate donations. The sessions are funded by them; however, if you would like to contribute you absolutely can – please see the Donate page.  All donations are tax deductible.

Yes, you can. Like carers, you are eligible for up to 6 sessions per year.

Yes, you can. Please register with Eudoxia. You will need to fulfil their registration criteria. This is so we can offer the carers we speak to the highest quality service by recognised professional counsellors, psychologists and social workers.

Yes, you can. We are looking for volunteers to help with website design, marketing, fundraising, membership program, events, administration etc.. Please contact info@wildtalk.org.au if you’d like to help.

Yes, absolutely.  We provide debriefing 24/7.

Debriefing is talking about a single event to reduce distress and process the immediate impacts in the short-term. Debriefing usually takes place with four to five days of the event. After debriefing you may choose to attend longer-term counselling to help process any underlying feelings, but it is not always necessary.


There are number of ways you can support Wildtalk:

  • You can like and share our Facebook page and Website.
  • You can get involved if you are a therapist or mental health provider. Contact Eudoxia and register. You will need to fulfil their professional criteria.
  • You can donate.
  • You can share details of WildTalk to your friends, fellow carers and organisations.
  • You can organise a fundraiser.
  • You can volunteer.

Indirectly, yes.  By supporting WildTalk you are directly helping those amazing folks out there every day helping the animals.

WildTalk is a counselling and training service for the wildlife workers and volunteers, to help keep them in good mental health when things get tough.  And times do get tough. Very tough.

Yes you can!

Becoming a member will help us continue this important work and give you some amazing member’s only benefits.

Become a member today and start enjoying benefits immediately.

  • Exclusive membership pin
  • Members only online monthly get together with special guests
  • Access online training before non-members
  • Free virtual events
  • Membership milestones
  • Newsletter

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Not completely.  We need to collect some data, such as your name, phone number, etc.  However, your information will not be shared with anyone except the therapist you’ll be speaking with.

We DO NOT share any personal data with organisations or government bodies, beyond the number of hours provided.

Data collected includes your name, age, gender, organisation, who referred you and how long you’ve been working with wildlife.

Information collected will be used only to secure funding and for research purposes. It will never be shared with outside parties or organisation.

Demographic data collected will be used for research by WildTalk to help us constantly improve our programs and securing future funding.

You can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy on the ‘Recourses’.

Absolutely no.  Your information is kept in the strictest confidence.

The only information shared with organisation is the number of hours provided.


Yes, we do. We have a number of training packages available that can be delivered in a number of ways, including face-to-face and online. We also have a number of fact sheets available on the Resources page.

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