How is debriefing different to counselling?

Debriefing is talking about a single event to reduce distress and process the immediate impacts in the short-term. Debriefing usually takes place with four to five days of the event. After debriefing you may choose to attend longer-term counselling to help process any underlying feelings, but it is not always necessary.

I’m a therapist. Can I help?

Yes, you can. Please register with Eudoxia. You will need to fulfil their registration criteria. This is so we can offer the carers we speak to the highest quality service by recognised professional counsellors, psychologists and social workers.

Who pays for the counselling sessions?

WildTalk is funded by private and corporate donations. The sessions are funded by them; however, if you would like to contribute you absolutely can – please see the Donate page.  All donations are tax deductible.

How many counselling sessions do I get?

Each individual will be able to access up to 6 free sessions per annum. However, you must be working with Australian wildlife. Also, because we understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship we won’t cut you off after six sessions, you can continue seeing your therapist, we just ask that you make a financial contribution … Read more

I need to speak to someone now. Can I?

Yes, you can. WildTalk is a 24/7 hotline. If you need to speak to someone immediately we can make that happen. You just need to tell us this when you call. If it’s not urgent, please let us know and we’ll have someone contact you within a business day to make an appointment.

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