Can I become a member of WildTalk?

Yes you can! Becoming a member will help us continue this important work and give you some amazing member’s only benefits. Become a member today and start enjoying benefits immediately. Exclusive membership pin Members only online monthly get together with special guests Access online training before non-members Free virtual events Membership milestones Newsletter Join today

Does my money go to caring for animals?

Indirectly, yes.  By supporting WildTalk you are directly helping those amazing folks out there every day helping the animals. WildTalk is a counselling and training service for the wildlife workers and volunteers, to help keep them in good mental health when things get tough.  And times do get tough. Very tough.

How can I support WildTalk?

There are number of ways you can support Wildtalk: You can like and share our Facebook page and Website. You can get involved if you are a therapist or mental health provider. Contact Eudoxia and register. You will need to fulfil their professional criteria. You can donate. You can share details of WildTalk to your friends, … Read more

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